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Baptism and Thanksgiving services

We would love to talk with you about celebrating the birth of your child with us. We offer two different services as we recognise that each family is in a unique place with regards to their faith. 

Thanksgiving service

Our thanksgiving service is a simple ceremony, either within one of our services or at a separate ceremony, where we give thanks to God for the birth of your child. You can choose which prayers and promises you'd like to make on behalf of your child.

Baptism service for children

Our baptism services invite you and your child into beginning the Christian journey. Baptism is about deciding to follow Jesus and join his family, and as such there are specific promises that parents and godparents make about turning away from all that's wrong and turning towards Jesus. We prefer to celebrate baptism services during our Sunday morning services, usually at 10.30am.

Baptism for adults

If you've not been baptised as a child, we'd love to talk with you about following Jesus and being baptised as an adult. Baptism is such a special gift and being baptised as an adult is a really significant step of faith.

Please contact the minister for further information.

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