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Funerals and Bereavement


When someone we know and love dies, there are all kinds of feelings and emotions, as well as a lot of practicalities, that we have to cope with. At Stamford Methodist Church we are here to help you with both putting together a service which is personal to you and to support you through the sadness and grief you will be going through.

Do get in touch with us as early as possible after a death and we will work with your funeral directors to make the service as meaningful as possible.

At Stamford Methodist Church, you have the option of a church service followed by a burial or a cremation at a local crematorium. The ministers also take services at the crematorium if you don't want to come to church.

After a cremation, we are on hand for you when you want to inter ashes and provide a short, simple service to say our final farewells.

You will be held in prayer as you go through this difficult time.

To find out more about funerals and burials, please contact the minister.

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