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Become a Christian


The thrilling thing about becoming a Christian is that everyone’s experience is immensely personal and, therefore, unique.


For some, there’s a particular moment in time; a revelation, an experience—as clear a change as switching on a light.


For others, it’s a process that can take years, more like a flickering fluorescent tube: sometimes on, sometimes off.


So what is a Christian? A good person? Someone who goes to church? Well, a Christian may or may not be those things, but the truth is this: a Christian is someone who understands and accepts what Jesus did for them on the cross. And whatever you may have done in your life, nothing can make you unacceptable to God. Nothing you ever do could make him love you any more, or any less.


God’s already calling you, even if you don’t realise it.  The choice of whether to accept or reject him is yours.


How does he call you? Perhaps by putting Christians around you. Maybe by calling you into prayer at a difficult time. Or by making you wonder if there’s more to life. Perhaps more supernaturally: in a dream, or through a spiritual experience.


Sometimes people think they’ll have to completely change who they are. That’s not true: God made you utterly unique—why would he suddenly want to turn you into a clone? He loves your personality, your sense of humour, all the little quirks that make you you. Together, you and he may want to start addressing some aspects of your behaviour, however!


So how do you take that step, and become a Christian? There’s no magic formula. It’s between you and God: simply tell him in your own words that you believe what it says in the book of John (NT): “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” You should also say sorry for the things you have done wrong, and ask God into your life.


That’s it—but it’s also just the beginning of a lifelong journey. You’ll need to work on your prayer life, your Bible-reading and worship, and to discover the fellowship of other Christians (at a church).  It’s a journey that will last all of this life—and take you into the next one.

Life won’t suddenly become perfect, because we’re not in heaven yet!  You’ll never be alone, and you’ll always have hope for the future. Most of all, you’ll never cease discovering how incredibly special and loved you are.


Pray: Lord, I want what Christians have. Taking the first step is never easy, but please know that that’s where my heart is, even though the rest of me may sometimes find it difficult to follow. Please draw me close to you, and give me new birth in Jesus. Amen.


If you have read this page and prayed this prayer, please get in touch with one of our ministers, who would be very pleased to help you with the next steps.

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